Hedge Fund Manager or Poet?

In many ways you don’t learn to meditate in the conventional sense.

Sure you take on and develop a new life changing skill but it’s not an additional thing you can knowingly add to your skills list on Linked In.

Meditation is a process of removal. A process of un-learning.

A good meditation teacher knows that its only possible to plant the seed. You have to prepare the ground and tend to it to make the seed flourish.

Like a farmer preparing the ground for new crops meditation sets the condition for natural growth from below the surface.

From the inside out!

Un-learning is harder than learning.

Just learning to stop, purposefully, through meditation will remove older patterns of being.

Imagine having to unpick what you think you know and open up to a level of awareness that has been there all the time but which has been covered over and ignored even though this other experience is the real you.

You can’t decide to use mediation to make you a better hedge fund manager. But you can decide to use meditation to help you a more authentic version of yourself. Then you may indeed become a brilliant hedge fund manager or perhaps a poet.

Who knows? It happens a lot.

When you un-learn you remove those obstacles that get in the way of you being you. The un-learning is not linear. It’s iterative, as we like to say in design business. It can be a convoluted, obscure and winding process. But it is always in the right direction.

So stick with it.

You will see that by just letting go with purpose, settling the mind by watching, embodying the moment you get your first glimpse into a deeper sense of being. You then begin to drop old ways of thinking, old way of being and doing.

Not in a planned way. It just happens.

Then there is a huge moment when you realise that your body and mind are one thing. Which can be used to do wonderful things.

Your thoughts or your body does not limit you.

Learning to meditate is like learning to swim. The benefit is in the doing of it. You can read about swimming but you will never how to do it, how it feels until you get into the water.

This is why its tricky learning to meditate from a book or an app. You have to get in the water, which means being with others and your teacher. So how do you know its working…that you are un-learning? We’ll here are just a few factors that might arise as the obstacles fall away:

You start to live less in your head and more in your body. When you live in your body you are living right in the now.

Those moments of inexplicable joy increase.

Your senses open. I mean really open. You see the world in HD.

Problems and challenges seem to come at you in slow motion.

Your energy increases.

Those little aches and pains fall away.

You wake up. You feel less tired.

All work and activity becomes effortless and fulfilling

And finally creativity flows from you out into the world.

And then you say to yourself…

‘Did I do that?’

Yes. You did!

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