Empower your inner architect workshop.

What new life changes can you create in 2016?

The YogaLife Project is proud to be teaming up with yogi and professional Coach Sally Heady,  to bring  this groundbreaking workshop to help you design a personal master plan for change in 2016.

Empowering your inner architect, mixes ancient mindful yoga practice and cutting-edge coaching techniques  helping you redesign your inner wellbeing so that your outer wellbeing flourishes. In short, you can be the architect of your own world living your life, living consciously, creatively and with purpose.

Yoga science tells us that our outer and inner worlds are completely linked. If we can redesign how we feel on the inside, it changes how we perceive the world on the outside. When we empower our inner architect we take creative control of who we are, what we do and how we do it. Imagine 2016 being the moment when you open up to your real purpose as your energy becomes aligned with your intentions.

Back on track 2015

This transforming workshop will be in two parts:

Part 1. Know the terrain:

Will be a fully guided specially designed yoga and meditation routine to help you get back into the present by fully aligning breath, mind and body. The objective is to ‘check in’ and know the terrain, preparing the ground for exploring your purpose and intention.

Part 2. Make a plan:

Will be a time for us to dive into what you really, REALLY want to do with your life, rather than living a ‘default’ life of old habits and limiting beliefs. Only you can create the life you want. The aim is for you to gain a greater understanding of your purpose; how you can give back to the world in a way that benefits you AND the world around you. Once we fully envision and embody our purpose, we plan our first few steps towards our goal for 2016.

All mats and workshop equipment is provided. Just bring along your mind, body and breath.

Venue: Chorlton Central. 

Time: 2.30pm 16th January 2016

 Cost: £45.00      


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