I absolutely love the classes –
I leave in a bubble – they’re brilliant

Best yoga class I’ve been to – now I see why people like it so much.

Rachel E.

I loved my Sunday afternoon yoga class, I always felt I was set up to tackle the week ahead of me. Mick clearly has a passion for teaching yoga and his enthusiasm for the subject is catching.


Loved, loved, loved meditation yesterday. Looking forward to class later!


My first proper introduction to Yoga was through a recommendation from the doctor as an alternative to taking Prozac after a period of depression. Although it made me feel better, or perhaps because it made me feel better, I viewed it almost like medication, and thought since I’d completed the course I don’t need to do it anymore. I moved to London a year later, working in a high-flying advertising job which involved lots of schmoozing and boozing. There also happened to be weekly yoga classes at the company gym with teacher Mick Timpson, which I began to attend, thinking they would be a useful counterbalance in my hectic schedule. After the classes, throughout the evening and into the following day, I felt a kind of bliss and self-acceptance that I didn’t experience at any other time. Before long I was practicing on my own on an East End roof top I could access from my little inner city flat.

Jamie Hesletine

Yoga Teacher. interview in Yoga & Health.

Mick’s classes are wonderful. A friend recommended them and since then, Mick has been a brilliant guide to my yoga journey. He is a natural teacher, assessing the level and needs of his students and nurturing our learning with great humour, knowledge and energy. His passion for both the physical and spiritual teachings of yoga are infectious and you leave class feeling energized and refreshed physically, mentally and spiritually. Mick’s style of teaching is spot on, with a warm, inclusive, gentle wit and manner he has guided me through a very difficult time. Recently a friend who teaches yoga in Mexico visited and attended Mick’s class and described his style of teaching and class as one of the best she had experienced, describing the balance between physical and spiritual as perfect.

Kathy M

No yoga posers, just yoga poses.
No feeling like we’re ‘not doing it right’.
No forcing ourselves into 25 different poses in 10 seconds without any understanding of why we’re doing it as our backs snap!
No one gets judged and we’re all different shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds – surely that’s what it’s all about.
Many of us will have been to different classes with different teachers and have classes that are nearer but we all come back and there’s a reason for that. It’s sue’s yoga cookies and scones.
Charlotte KH

YogaLife classes….force my mind to slow down as everything concentrates on nothing at all. I always get a great night’s sleep after yoga. It really does improve the physical condition of the body considering the amount of lying down and deep breathing involved.

Sooty C

I love my YogaLife classes because for 90 mins a week, it’s just about me – not my family, not my work… just me. Also Mick is a great teacher, he has opened my eyes to Yoga and all its positve benefits. I look forward to coming every week.

Katie C.

Mick’s classes helped me through a difficult time in my life by helping me to live in the present and to feel more centred, focused and calm. Now I can’t imagine my life without yoga – thanks Mick!


I joined Mick’s Sunday evening class early this year. I’ve been doing various yoga classes over the last 15 years and really enjoyed this one the most. Mick made it easy to remember the sun salutation sequence so I can still do it at home.

The variety of postures keeps it interesting, and the relaxation and meditation really clears your mind. Add to this Mick’s nuggets of yogic wisdom and it’s the perfect balance!

Natalie B

Amazing to be back in the Yoga class this eve after a two year gap. I really enjoyed it. All is good in the world again;) thanks Mick for your patient teaching and inspiration.


Yesterday’s workshop was absolutely cracking. It was a real treat to take the time to really focus in on and assess the last year; how far we’ve all come, what we’ve achieved; and to take the time to look forward create a considered intention for the coming months. It was clear a lot of time and care had been spent planning the session, and it really was worth it. I loved it – and not just for the delicious pear and walnut scones – thank you Sue! In just three hours you’ve set me up for a positive, mindful autumn. And the leaves were a beautiful touch too. Thanks very much indeed – it was ace.

Charlotte on YLP’s Everything Changes Workshop.

Just a quick email from us. We are on our hols in Bali and have spent a few days in Ubud which is full of new age/yoga types. Had a couple of classes in a beautiful yoga centre (great cafe) but were not overly keen on what we sampled-tried yin yoga which involved lying on tennis balls and then some Iyengar (not sure how this is different from Sivananda but we just did 4/5 poses in painstaking detail). We did enjoy a brilliant meditation class though so all was not lost!

Just writing to share our appreciation of your non-intimidating style which has such a good balance between rest and action!

S & J Manchester and Bali

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