Is yoga for me? Yes it is. Everyone regardless of age, weight, flexibility, body type etc, can practice yoga. Yoga is not how you look, but how you feel.

Do I need special equipment? No. Just wear something comfortable that you can move in. After a while you might want to buy your own mat. There is nothing nicer than laying out your own mat and relaxing.

Is yoga religious? No. Yoga predates world religions. It is humanity’s oldest, most profound philosophy and teaching regarding the human condition and the goal of life.  Yoga is all about removing the obstacles in order to find your true purpose.

Do I need to be vegetarian? No, but you will find after practicing yoga for a while your eating habits will change as you start to become more aware of how you feel and think.

What do I do if I have a medical problem? Yoga is great for helping with a multitude of conditions. If you are under medical care make sure you ask your doctor about yoga practice and tell your teacher so that he or she is aware of how best to help you.

What if I am pregnant? Conventional yoga can be safely practiced up to 12 weeks. After that it’s best to seek a specialist prenatal yoga class. There are always lots to choose from.

Will yoga change me? Yes. You will feel fitter, calmer, stronger, happier and more relaxed. After a while you will notice you have a brighter outlook on life, feel more confident and creative with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm, every day. Yoga really works.

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