21st Century Thinking…


We have a saying in our house when someone has a good idea particularly regarding food and drink.  We call it ‘Officer Thinking’.

Its sad. But its a reference  Captain Kirk comment when faced with having to host a dinner for high ranking Klingons. It was made easier by the addition of illegal alien alcohol.


It was the last film.  Based on Chernobyl. Remember it ?

In other words its thinking combined with action that help to make things run smoothly…

Anyway there is another type a thinking around. What the Dali Lama calls new thinking.  It refers to the emerging sense that something needs to be done regarding how we see the world and and what we can do to make things better.

If the 20th Century was marked by thinking like, “whats in it for me?”. The results of which are now bearing fruit like the banking crash, climate change etc… Then 21st Century thinking is about what can I do. How can make a difference for others?

With this in mind Mick has just completed 3 weeks of Mindfulness training with Manchester High School for Girls years 12 &13. The course for over 100 students, comprised a series of simple exercises to ‘Check -in’ and build a little awareness with some simple techniques to help settle thoughts and open up to being themselves, trusting to what they can do. As usual Mick led the routines combined with ‘live’ sketch diagrams to help convey some of the science and principles.

Lots of fun but with a serious intent…

Mick also gave the school a simple guided meditation download for the school’s intranet, ‘Moodle’. This gives the students the chance download a meditation onto their smart phones to be used anytime.

Well done to the school for such 21st Century thinking and planning.

The future is in safe hands…


By the way. Apologies. Its not the first time we have featured StarTrek on this website…

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