Relaxation CDs

Take Mick home with you with this first CD with two of Mick’s Mindful guided relaxation sessions often featured at the beginning and conclusion of a YogaLife Project class.

YogaLife CD Cover LR

Mindful Relaxation contains:

 1. Introduction. How to use these sessions

2. Going inwards. (18.00 mins) A deep guided relaxation helping to bring your attention inwards moment by moment.

3. Yoga body scan. (12.00 mins) A mindful guided relaxation to help calm and energise.

Mindful Relaxation CD – £5.00 (plus £1.00 UK postage & packing)

Total price: £6.00

Copies are available to buy at the YogaLife Project classes Tuesday and Thursday or you can a CD posted direct to you by clicking on the pay button and filing the address form below.

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