Clare Tallis

Clare’s yoga practice began in 2005 when she moved to Manchester to train as a physiotherapist. Since quailfying in 2008 she continues to work as a Chartered Physiotherapist within the NHS in Manchester. Prior to this change of career Clare had completed a sport science degree and teaching qualification in 1994 and worked as a PE and outdoor education teacher in the UK and Costa Rica.


Clare’s background in sport and the physical body was the starting point for her own yoga journey but as she practised and studied in a variety of yoga traditions with several different teachers, she began to understand how the transformative power of yoga extends far beyond just the physical body.

Clare became a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance UK in 2014 having completed her training in therapuetic mindful hatha yoga with Kathy Ward at the Mindful Yoga Acadamy in Spain.   This form of yoga blends traditional authentic yoga practice with the most up todate scientific evidence supporting the benefits of mindfulness techniques. She now views yoga as a lifelong journey of mindful practice and personal development and she relishes the adventure ahead.Clare’s particular interest for her teaching is to use her background and knowledge of the physical body to help unlock the wider world of yoga for people whose physical health conditions may have previously seemed to be barriers to this practice. Since qualifying Clare has worked to establish yoga as a therapeutic option for people with chronic pain, particularly back pain, within the NHS in Manchester.

Clare’s teaching style is gentle, supportive and lighthearted. The style of yoga she teaches encourages us to step out of the autopilot of our daily lives and begin to really get to know our true selves. With a focus on 1:1 or small groups, Clare’s firmly held belief is that the benefits of yoga should be truly available to anyone who wishes to discover them regardless of age, background and physical limitations.

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