The YogaLife Project is a social enterprise based in the heart of Chorlton, South Manchester. Led by architect, artist and yoga teacher Mick Timpson, The YogaLife Project is designed to bring the joy and benefits of yoga into our everyday lives. The core principle of The YogaLife Project is Yoga in Action. In other words it’s not about shutting your self away but taking part in the world creatively, effectively with compassion.

Yoga helps you to be fully conscious of what you are doing  by becoming completely aware of the the world you are in, the skills you are practising and the people you are with. This deeper awareness transfigures everything so that work becomes the yoga of work, play becomes the yoga of play and everyday living becomes your own YogaLife Project. In other words effortless… Through yoga classes and workshops you will learn to breathe, relax properly, concentrate, build self awareness, confidence and find that inner stillness that is the source of who you are. Even after the first YogaLife session you will feel different. You will feel yourself!  Probably for the first time…


Mick is Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance UK – a national organisation designed to ensure it members meet the highest of standards to teach yoga.


Mick was the architect for the newly redesigned Chorlton Central, the home of the YogaLife Project.

Mick outside his newly re-designed Chorlton Central.










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