How to survive Black Friday!

There are plenty of websites out there with tips on how to get through Black Friday. They tell you how:

  • Plan your route first
  • Make a list
  • Decide what you want before you enter the scrum
  • Don’t be distracted
  • Prepare to wait
  • Stay calm
  • Take water and supplies
  • Be prepared to use physical violence and shout at everyone.

Okay I made that last one up but it happens anyway. Interestingly none of the Black Friday websites offer this important advice:


Watching all those sad people desperately fighting over flat screen TV’s has a look of the ‘end of days’.

You can imagine future generations sitting around campfires in deserted shopping malls telling stories about Black Friday. It was a time when the human race finally fell flat on its face into a pile of consumer crap nobody really needed.

There is good reason why it’s called Black Friday. Everyone dies a little.

So here are my tips for avoiding Black Friday.

  • Go out with friends
  • Read a book or catch up on a film (not Spectre though. It was rubbish)
  • Help your kids
  • Take the dog out.
  • Stay in bed.
  • Don’t watch the TV news and stay off the Internet.

You can do any of these or maybe all of them.

You might also have time to think about the following:

  • Decide to be happy with what you already have.
  • You are free. Only believe what you know to be true for yourself (old yoga science)
  • Humans Beings are made for giving not taking.
  • When you have more than you need someone else has less than they need.
  • The more stuff you think you need the bigger the hole in your life/head/heart…

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