Hannah Patterson


Hannah Patterson is a raw food enthusiast from Manchester and is fascinated by the healing power of the plant based diet. Her raw food and raw chocolate workshops show you how to blitz up delicious raw treats with natural ingredients, the power of plant based smoothies, juices and snacks for optimal health and flavoursome, savoury raw food dishes that anyone can make at home.

Hannah’s passion for raw food started in Bali where she discovered cacao and was introduced to delicious raw chocolate recipes – free from refined sugar, dairy and additives. Who wouldn’t be excited by ‘guilt free’ chocolate? The discoveries were life changing. Hannah’s new approach to food increased her vitality and wellbeing as well as her family and friends who became guinea pigs to her recipes!

Hannah has since studied with The Sexy Raw Food Goddess, Marketa Bola – a certified Health Educator with the Hippocrates Health Institute, USA. She has also trained with leading raw chocolatier Amy Levin.

Hannah is a qualified yoga teacher. The combination of yoga and good nutrition is essential to Hannah’s wellbeing – something that is a predominant part of her everyday existence. For Hannah, the practise of yoga doesn’t just occur on the mat. It is something that feeds into our everyday lives and allows us to become more conscious about everything – from the choices we make to the thoughts we think. Her philosophy is simple – to celebrate life and make it healthy! Small changes can make a huge difference and Hannah will show you new eating concepts to fit in with your lifestyle.


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