The biggest yoga experiment ever…

Mick was invited to the opening night of MOSI’s fantastic new exhibition Collider. It was a wonderful evening with dancers, theoretical particle physicists, Professor Brian Cox and others. The exhibition takes us through theoretical physics and a mock up of what its like at CERN with the Large Hadron Collider which is the world’s largest ever machine and experiment.

Not many particle physicists however were interested in Mick’s view the LHC was in fact the worlds biggest ever yoga class, featuring 10,000 scientists and engineers. As most of you know the LHC is designed to complete what the scientists call the Standard Model. In other words what is matter, what is nature etc…? The discovery of the Higgs Boson is thought to be the last bit of the jigsaw but no one yet knows how it fits in.

The LHC is designed to look inwards. Literally. So in a sense it’s a giant yoga machine designed to measure and quantify what we can experience in yoga practice. The Standard Model is what we in the yoga world would call ‘Prakriti’ or the field. What they are looking for is the stuff behind the field that holds it all together. In yoga we call that the Unified Field, Consciousness or ‘Purusha’.

What came across in the exhibition however, was the sheer energy, joy and enthusiasm from everyone involved in LHC project. People from all over the world working together to discover and do something wonderful. If anything that what is brilliant about the whole thing is when the scientists and engineers get together and share their discoveries.  They call it the ‘unblinding’….almost poetic and very yogic.


One thought on “The biggest yoga experiment ever…”

  1. I am reading the Celestine Prophecy and there is a brilliant line in the book referring to energy systems and consciousness, awareness, enlightenment whichever term is preferred. It says scientists don’t take this idea seriously, they remain skeptical and wait to see if they can prove it. I would recommend this book if you haven’t read it already. Andrea 🙂

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