Fish on Tuesdays…

Tuesday evening classes are going from strength to strength. Its great that are so many new yogi’s coming along to experience the real and authentic, gimmick free yoga we love at the The YogaLife Project.

Last night we ended with this little piece of advice from filmmaker, artist and yogi David Lynch. We have mentioned him before as he is a bit of a hero at YogaLife Project HQ. From his book on yoga ‘Catching the Big Fish’, (disguised as a book on film making) he says:

Stay true to yourself. Let your voice ring out and don’t let anybody fiddle with it. Never turn down a good idea, but never take a bad idea. And meditate. It’s very important to experience that Self, that pure consciousness. It’s really helped me. I think it would any filmmaker. So start diving within, enlivening that bliss consciousness. Grow in happiness and intuition. Experience the joy of doing. And you’ll glow in this peaceful way. Your friends will be very, very happy with you. Everyone will want to sit next you. And people will give you money!

We have added, ‘Catching the Big Fish’ on our Good Reads reading list (see bottom left). Enjoy. It’s a very easy to read and written in short sentences and chapters….a bit like a yoga sutra and ideal for all yogis.



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